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About Us

WakePro is a large platform where many people since 2001 have sourced their riding gear from and well respected for the no-nonsense, quality advice to people of what would suit them the best.

At Wakepro we Parallel Import out or are the Authorized Dealer for most products we have from the USA direct. We also assist people who want to bring out unique items, to ship those out direct from the USA, wakeboarding related or not.

WakePro has had an extensive history of events that lead to its existence and the shape it holds today. Wakepro has proven itself to be adaptable to the change in what New Zealand wants and needs over the years.

We have existed in one shape or form since 2001 and will continue to have a huge part to play with the supply of Wakeboarding gear in New Zealand and beyond.

Wakepro does not focus on profit, never has, never will. We focus on bring gear in for the lowest price possible. It takes a while for that to sink in with most folk, but once that sets in, everything comes very clear.

If we think something is crap – we will tell you. If we know someone else is bringing out better gear at a better price – we will not bring that item for that year and suggest the alternative supplier.

Given our different approach, we aim to run out of stock midsummer, and don’t have end of season sales. People know they will risk paying more towards the end of summer, than buying at the start or middle.


Trust is a major corner stone of what Wakepro survives and builds on daily. We understand it is a major ask for people who stumble across us to entrust us with their cash.

The best way to put it is we deliver your item as promised 100% of the time.

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We have existed for some years now and you do not have to search far on the net to find us. Most people know us, we are well known for always delivering units and always replying to all inquires, no matter who the person may be or representing.

We are always doing our best to be accessible and contactable at all times and maintain our CONTACT US page to be as up to date as it can be.