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Something Else Not Listed?

At Wakepro we have since day one in 2001 imported items for people direct from the USA on their behalf.

Gear from the USA does not have to be wakeboarding related, and likewise we do not mind if what people import out gear that is Wakeboarding related. You find what you want in the USA, and you can ship out in our next shipment.

We regularly have a shipment leaving the USA on a monthly basis, summer time a bit quicker between shipments, winter time can be at times a bit longer than two months. All items that are at our shipping agent come time to ship - is shipped - and the sooner you get your item to our shipping agent - the greater your chance of getting it sooner.

Summer cut off's are dictated more by dates to have shipments land in time for certain dates, eg Labour weekend, Christmas Day, Easter, etc or stock for Wakepro from certain suppliers getting to LAX.

Through winter shipments are determined by the minimum of 3CBM of volume, as soon as this is meet – a shipment is authorized to get on its way – unless one person of the shipment is willing to pick up the short fall to get an item out sooner, than waiting for others to get the level up to the 3CBM which our charges are worked out on.

PROCESS The process is relatively simple, and most are surprised how simple it is:

1- First option is look for what you want and make the decision of what you want and that it is permitted to be imported into NZ. Sometimes people find they can find an alternative in NZ already at similar prices

2- Upon finding what you want, and making up your mind you want something ex USA, email Us asking for the address to send the cargo and the booking number. Note you will need to proceed within days of emailing us in ordering what you want, and if you leave it for over a week, email again. Please only email us when you are ready go order in the USA.

3- Follow the instructions in our email to the letter – order what you want, get the track and trace item from the supplier and track the item to our shipping agent in LAX.

4- The second it arrives at our shipping agent, email us saying it is there, a copy of the commercial invoice, and the track and trace number and details. We will then follow up that it is there and identify it as yours in our system.

5- As soon as it lands, we will get it cleared at the border and organize delivery to you. Shipments are three weeks from loading in the USA and delivery to us in NZ. This is where we get the expression 4-8 weeks (1-2 months) from start to finish.

The biggest cost is the $40 NZD per delivery charge for each and every delivery to our shipping agent. When buying in the USA with us shipping out for you, taking this into account along with a $5 line charge that is due per supplier when looking to buy items from multiple suppliers, that savings made by buying an item from two suppliers – should exceed $45 NZD. Likewise making sure your supplier does not drop ship and ships items at the one time from one location will save you from having a bigger bill that you should have.

Basic Rates are(in NZD):
$12.86 per Cubic Foot, freight charge LAX to NZ
$40 per delivery per supplier to USA shipping agent
$5 per line customs clearance. Each supplier will mean another line, even if they are the same product. Volume of lines depend on items and if they are classed as different classified items for clearance.
GST at cost and as calculated to be due
Duty (if any) at cost
Freight of item from Tauranga to you at cost.

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